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We convert digital or printed material to eBook formats. Primarly we convert to Kindle and ePub, but provide you four files so that you can submit to any site servicing any eBook devices.

We can fix ePub or other ebook work others may not have done correctly.

Our rates range from $50 upwards to the more expensive art or photo image books. We provide the color that current e-Raders use as well as the fonts.

Straight text books, such as novels, can be turned around the quickest. Cookbooks take longer. Books with images and indexes (such as cookbooks) will be formatted to appear like your original cookbook if you send us a printed or digital copy of your format. Otherwise we will create a format for you. Kindle Fire requires a few extra steps, but after we look at your material we can better give you a not-to-exceed bid.

We have 20 years of html experience and have been converting files to various formats since 1995.

There are a multitude of formats for eReaders. Each uses its own proprietary language or they use a basic form of MSWord or html. Hyperlinking can be accomplished in each of the forms, even those reading .pdf files. Images can be included in your files, but not all readers will display them.

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kindle conversionWe Convert the Toughest Books

The collection of eReaders includes multiple formats.

Online Reading (HTML, is good for sampling in your web browser. These are not usually the marketed version. You will see these with some uploading sites, such as Amazon, etc.)

Kindle – .mobi for Kindle devices and Kindle apps was the basis for early Kindles. Today Kindle Fire has changed the language and formatting to Amazon's Format 8. After we convert your book to Kindle, you'll be able to download it to a Kindle reader on your comoputer for proofing purposes. It's a great tool for making sure all is right.

Kindle Fire Nook

Epub – is an eBook for a variety of devices. These include Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, and others. ePub is the most difficult since the ePub community demands conversions that fit exactly into their format rules We "test" ePub work on the ePub site before sending the files to you.

PDF — You already know what a pdf file is. When converting it's good for reading on a PC, or for home printing. If your original material is in a pdf file, we can convert it to all eBook formats.

RTF — Rich Text Format. This is readable on most word processors. Before converting to eBook it must be cleaned and converted to our MSWord templates that are designed for eBook formatting. (If your material is in MSWord format, it too must be "cleaned" of all tabs, spacebars, and other codes before we format it for eBooks.
Palm Doc (PDB) — For Palm devices.

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