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A Few Good Men, The Marines


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First published in 1985 this historically accurate book about men who became Marines and then headed off into Vietnam still thrives. First published by A.J.Books and then Signet Classics (New American Library) it is now published by Arrowhead Classics in a brand new reprint. Already a big hit again, it's a great read if you care about who goes to war to fight for our country.

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Available Now ISBN: 1-886571-23-6

"For MY money, the author, the men he served with and commanded, and the composite figures about whom he writes with understated but clear affection his first novel-well, the word for any of them is 'hero." — J. N. Williamson, Author of The Longest Night

"If you ever wanted to learn about Marines, read this book. It's right on the money." — Scoop Adams, Colonel, USMC, Ret.

"The best damned Vietnam novel I've ever read. And I've read them all." — John McDowell, USAF, Master Sergeant

"I have seen the angry remarks of one reader at Amazon.com and must argue. Obviously that writer never experienced the military nor combat. I have and as a Marine. This is the best Vietnam novel I've ever read because it deals with the human side of our citizen Marines and soldiers. These are the real people who fight, die or come back maimed for life. I highly recommend it." — Chuck N., President local Vietnam Veterans Association, northern California.

"Fast paced, skillfully written: a spellbinder I couldn't put down. Anyone who has known troops will relive memories triggered by this classic tale of authentic fighting men. All will be moved by its poignant messages." — E. R. Thompson, Maj. General, USA, (Ret)

About A Few Good Men

Arrowhead Classics Publishing Company is happy to bring back the very popular A Few Good Men by Donald A. Gazzaniga. First published in 1986 by A. J. Books and then in paperback by New Amerian Library's Signet Classics, New York, NY, this edition is the unabridged original by the author. This action novel is based on true events, catching the flavor of the first Marines into Vietnam. The story draws us in while we learn who they were, where they came from, what their training was like. It was an age of innocence, one that didn't last long. Donald Gazzaniga is also the author of 5 No-Salt cookbooks.