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In a gripping novel that prophesied 9-11 long before it happened, a French Concorde streaks toward the US with an armed nuclear bomb aboard.

Hijacked by at least two extremely dangerous Jihadists with a rumored nuclear bomb tucked into a backpack, a French Concorde streaks towards the US. The airliner is filled with American and French citizens, movie people returning from the Cannes film festival, the secretary of state's wife and AirForce Colonel Cody Williams, who is on a top secret mission, but unfortunately is not a pilot. All eyes are on the vacillating president of the United States who must decide whether to use the secret supersonic jet that not even members of congress know about - to vaporize the Concorde with its nuclear cargo before it wipes out its targeted city.

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low sodium recipes "That's one helluva yarn you wrote! Makes me wish The Fiction Works had published it. That puppy has 'Major Motion Picture' written all over it." Ray Hoy, Author, Publisher, FictionWorks.com

Eerily prescient, Donald Gazzaniga wrote this truly thrilling thriller more than a decade before 9/11. A wonderful read - especially now! - Thomas B. Sawyer - author of bestselling 9/11 thriller NO PLACE TO RUN "Where was this author when I was producing the Airport movies?" - William Frye, Producer, Raise the Titanic, Airport 1975, '77, Thriller

"The suspense doesn't get any more supersonic than this." - Mark Webb, Motion Picture Producer

"Thrilling isn't a big enough word to describe this scary tale. The author may have written this before 9/11, but it's still viable and very scary today. " - Tony DiMarco, TV Story Editor, Author, Screenplay Writer.

"Donald Gazzaniga has woven a story here that is unbeatable. Scary, a thriller through and through. It will be in my library for a long time." - J. N. Williamson, Author Horror House, The Ritual, Premonition, Queen of Hell, The Offspring and others.

"Warning: Do not start this book if you have something important to do the next day...you won't have had any sleep!" - Rebster, Book Reviewer

"The action moves so fast your hair will be slicked back!" - Frank Stevens, Writer, Author, Journalist