About Arrowhead Classics Publishing

arrowhead classics Arrowhead Classics Publishing first developed an online presence in 1994. In the beginning Arrowhead served as an outlet for hundreds of titles from small and large publishers. Arrowhead also published books, including novels, cookbooks, large "coffee table" books for artists, historians and others.

In 1996 Arrowhead published its first cookbook and it brought about a whole new direction for the company. The book was wildly successful and we don't intend that to be a pun since it was titled, "The Sporting Chef's Favorite Wild Game Recipes."

The company also published other successful titles such as One For The Gipper, and The Diary of Lillie Langtry. In its second year the company

Arrowhead Classics was an "offshoot" of our company, The Graphics Company, which was founded in souther California in 1965. The Graphics Company printed books, pamphlets, magazines, brochures, advertising, and much more. It worked closely with advertising agencies, public relations companies and individual customers. It is still in business although it is now completely Internet based as is Arrowhead Classics. Our brick and mortar facilities in Los Angeles closed in 2000.

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Our Mission

In the beginning our mission was to help self-publishers and young authors get a foothold in the world of publishing. That mission worked well in 1995 and it works well today. The difference between 1995 and now is that today we can actually turn projects around much more quickly than before. Today we do all our printing in the United States, whereas before we printed in China, Italy, and sometimes India.